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On the 17th of May, the classes 5A and 5B flew off to Cambridge together with Mr. Bridge and Mrs. Hacker.  The focus of this trip were the English classes at the language school where we were tutored at, but we also got to do some fun activities like punting, bowling and karaoke. In our spare time, we were able to go shopping, or just relax in the park. We had great fun with our teachers and we appreciate everything they did for us. We only had tuition on weekdays so for Saturday and Sunday, our group went on day trips to London and Holkham Beach. In London, we got to see many attractions like Big Ben, the Parliament and Buckingham Palace. You also had the choice of either going to London Dungeon or visiting the British Museum. The next day at Holkham Beach was essentially just driving by coach for half the day but the view of the coast was worth the time. The trip to Great Britain improved our class community, and new friendships were created. We also experienced how people in the UK live.  Unfortunately, one of students lost his passport, his wallet and ... 

... his mobile, but he got all of them back. On the 24th of May, we returned to Austria.
The trip was amazing and we are thankful for everything.

Photos: Jakob Stummvoll, Rabia Celik, Mickajel Jengojan, Nanni Obermüller, Jakob Dorner, Emil Berger, Nina Hacker

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