Im Schuljahr 2013/14 besuchten 14 SchülerInnen der 7BBI das Wahlpflichtfach Englisch. Neben englischer Literatur, englischen Filmen und einem Theaterworkshop stand auch die Vorbereitung auf das First Certificate of English (FCE) „auf dem Programm“.
Sechs Schüler und Schülerinnen legten die Prüfung auf der international anerkannten Sprachniveaustufe „Level B2“ (Maturaniveau!) erfolgreich ab, drei von ihnen...

... demonstrierten ihre ausgezeichneten Sprachkenntnisse sogar auf dem „Level B2 Grade A“, welcher bereits dem höherem Sprachniveau „Level C1“ und der vorletzten der 6-teiligen Kompetenzstufenskala entspricht.
Wir gratulieren zu dieser tollen Leistung: Stefanie Kleinhappel, Sebastian Lou, Daniel Osztovics, Lisa Panzenböck, Marina Wardian und Nicolas Zwickl.
Hier ein kurzer Bericht aus SchülerInnensicht:
First Certificate 30th May / 4th June 2014 written by 6 successful candidates
About the speaking test: We met in front of U-tube station Neubaugasse. It was easy to find the British Council because of our outstanding sense of orientation. When we arrived at the British Council a nice young lady was waiting for us with a lot of sheets we had to fill in before we could get started. Afterwards we were divided into pairs. Some of us were paired with candidates from Eggenburg and some of us were allowed to go to the testing room right away. Despite the fact that everyone was pretty nervous at the beginning, we could all more or less calm down throughout the test and show the interlocutors our speaking skills.
To sum up, everyone was extremely nice, time passed very quickly, the interlocutors were very friendly, the exam was well-organised and they managed to keep us calm.
About a month later we sat for the second part of the FCE exam, where we had to do 4 papers which tested our reading, listening and use of English as well as our writing skills. Especially the reading and listening papers were quite difficult because the answers were ambiguous and thus allowed for two solutions mostly. To make things worse, the room was stuffy. Since these papers were much more exhausting than the oral part of the test we were rather happy when we were allowed to leave the stuffy room in the afternoon.
On the whole we believe it to be a great experience and a good preparation for the “Matura” which we want to pass this year.
Last but not least, the candidates want to say a hearty thank you to the “Elternverein“ who subsidised the € 198 fee for the exam with € 60.

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