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Leonie Schön aus der 3AL nahm bei der Helbling Writing Competition teil, bei der landesweit 1800 Beiträge eingereicht wurden. Mit ihrem gefühlvollen Text ‚Silence‘ zum Thema ‚The day the music died‘ konnte sie ein Schreibset gewinnen.
Herzliche Gratulation!


‘Mum! Dad!’ Grace Anderson jumped happily into the car.‘It was so great, ...

... we learned some new tricks and dancing steps and the teacher says I‘m the best in the group, and…. Mum? Dad! Why are you looking so sad? Did something happen?’ ‘Yes, Darling,’ her mother said sadly. ‘Your father has lost his job and we are out of money. We know how much you love ballet, but we can‘t pay for your lessons anymore.’ The smile in the girl‘s face faded. ‘What? B..b..but dancing is my life!’ Her eyes filled with tears. ‘Oh Honey, we are so sorry, but...’Suddenly there was a terribly loud noise and everything went black.

When Grace opened her eyes, she looked down at her body and found herself lying in an unfamiliar bed. Her mum was standing beside her. ‘Where am I?’, Grace asked, but she couldn‘t hear herself. All she could hear was pure silence. ‘Why can‘t I hear myself?’ There was still nothing and panic built up inside her. Mum gave her a piece of paper. The note told her that they had an accident and because she had hurt her head badly, she would be deaf forever. The world of the, once so happy and friendly, girl was shattered because the music had perished in her. There was no light at the end of the tunnel. All Grace could do was cry when her mother embraced her.
Six months later, she had made friends with the other kids in the deaf school. One time she saw a little girl called Alice, dancing and hopping through the school hall. Soon Alice noticed her and took her by the hand. Grace smiled.
There was still hope.


Written by Leonie Schön

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