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It was the 27th of April, the day Mrs. Hacker, Mrs Zimmermann and Mrs. Leitner, who made the perfect team to handle 44 students at once, took off to Dublin together with the classes 5A and 5B. We got picked up by our coach exactly at 13:30 p.m. to get to the airport and everyone was realising: We are really going to Ireland!
As the plane landed and the ...

... seatbelt sign was finally not on anymore, the people got more and more nervous because the fact that they would have to speak English for an entire week came to their minds.
All the ,,pressure’’ was taken away when met our host families as we arrived in Bray, which is about one hour away from Dublin. Everyone got more confident speaking English, because of those welcoming people that all of us got to know during this week in Ireland.
The next day the first place that we visited was Powerscourt and its beautiful gardens, including an Asian one which was absolutely stunning by the way. We had two tour guides who told us a lot about the history of the place and everything around there, even about some trees, which was incredible.
The same day we visited Glendalough (valley of two lakes), an old but really big monastery town, at least at the time when people were still living there. We also learned something about the history of this place too and went for a walk where we got to see some waterfalls.
The time we spent in school was a lot of fun, which may surprise you but it really was not as bad as you would think. You get to know Ireland while learning English, including a lot of conversation between students and the teacher. Speaking English for an entire week really helps you to improve the way you talk.
We also visited Dublin on two different afternoons. One day we had a guided tour and on the other one we were allowed to explore Dublin in groups to do some shopping or to visit a nice restaurant.
On the 5th of May we went back to Austria, unfortunately without our,,new’’ little families.

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